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Technical requirements



Operating system et software

BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery is a software functioning with Microsoft Windows® operating systems. In some cases, you may be invited to download additional modules on Internet (in particular the Microsoft® .NET Framework package). In order to display 3D graphics, Microsoft® DirectX® (Version 9c or higher) must be installed on your computer.

You must have all the rights for the installation of new softwares. Otherwise, the installation will be automatically stopped. In case of problem, please contact your system administrator for the opening of these rights.


Hardware requirements





Mono core processor

Dual core or quad core processor


2 Go

4 Go

Hard drive storage capacities

500 Mo

2 Go


  1. Increasing the power and the number of the processors enables to reduce the computing time.
  2. Increasing the memory (RAM and hard drive) enables to process larger datasets.



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