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BLIASoft KD Advanced Edition


BLIASoft KD Advanced Edition is the most powerfull software version that offers an increased speed of treatment and allows the analysis of large data samples.


BLIASoft KD Advanced Edition provides the whole functionalities:

    - Data management: importation, modification, generation, pre-analysis.

    - Extraction of models : multithreading optimization engine.

    - Analysis of the solutions: rules, graphics, numeric predictions, grids, validation, automatic generation of reports, ...

BLIASoft KD Advanced Edition enables to analyse datasets with up to 1000 variables and a number of records only limited by hardware performances (RAM). A comparative with the other versions is available here.


The purchase of a licence includes the subscription during 1 year to the following services:

    - Free Upgrades.

    - Customer support by email and phone.

In order to get an order form for BLIASoft KD Pro please contact information@bliasolutions.com.



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