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BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery is an innovative analytics software based on techniques of artificial intelligence and in particular on fuzzy logic. Its general principle is the extraction of models from the data obtained by observations or experiments.

The training data can be heterogeneous (qualitative and quantitative) and imperfect (incomplete, uncertain, contradictory). BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery is classified among the techniques of supervised learning. The variables to be modeled can be quantitative (regression) as well as qualitative (classification).


BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery has for main objectives:

    • To extract predictive models.

    • To facilitate the understanding of the phenomena by representing their functioning with simple and readable rules.

    • To reveal the hidden interactions in order to release valuable trends and to innovate.

    • To capitalize the knowledge by transforming abundant and heterogeneous data into simple and compact models.

    • To improve the quality of the decisions by optimizing the choices in the environments where must be simultaneously numerous criteria and variables.

    • To give value to existing and unexploited data.



BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery is particularly easy to use (friendly interface, automatic parameter setting) and does not require skills in data processing.



BLIASoft Knowledge Discovery - Data mining & predictive analytics software - Fuzzy logic & artificial intelligence

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